Future Telling Something Nothing

by From Bears

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Nicolas Eichen
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Nicolas Eichen I listened to this driving to raleigh and my power steering went out
I blame from bears Favorite track: Deed.
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released March 23, 2016

Artwork by Lindsey Willis.

Songs written by Ben Taylor, Matt Nemeth & Doug Little.
(Instrumentation particular to each track)

Drums/bass recorded with Ben Mercer at Wet Bandit Audio in Boone.
Everything else recorded by Ben and Matt at our home near Boone.
Mixed and mastered by Matt.



all rights reserved


From Bears Boone, North Carolina

Post psych-punk from the mountain.

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Track Name: Acrosticopath
Laughing show-offy deviant licks saw dust
Like some distressed lake surfaces ducks, lonely she dives
Lit socks drain liquid, so does lady silver dreamer
Lamenting sheriff decisions, littered solvent demeanor
Lame shale deposits, licorice sunbeam droplets
Loosen, stale dam
Let stalled demons lick shoelaces
Dripping lollipop sorcery, dillute

Holy excavation of a fragile state
Mind mold mirroring the mile-high swinging status of three fates
They eat our eyeballs with a spoon
Cover your head wound

Poaching success in late October climaxes
Yellow, bin ich nicht Photonen?
Sun-inched lilies offer comfortable yolk blossoms
Ignoring nighttime personification
Subtle interest lacks ottoman comparisons
Yuppies beckon igloo naming papers
Singed ink lollops open ceremoniously
Youth, baby, infant, nothing

Hand inches from the meeting of the partial clock
Followed by a struggle with who's good: these lights or darkness?
Theory tested by tomorrow's noon
Should be lights out soon
Track Name: New Math
Take my honest soul
Take my earnest ways
Watch my hair turn grey
Hey what do you say

Fuck the status quo
Vile rodent race
Spray my eyes with mace
Hit me where it hurts

Glue and wet cement
Guns and hand grenades
Connection has been made
Now you cant complain
Track Name: Philosophy of Time Travel Pt. 1
So it goes, downfall unchanging
This is home, exist here and there always
Planned events uncontrollable
Hindsight at best, kill your makers
Track Name: Philosophy of Time Travel Pt. 2
Riding home, dodged death because of foreign graces
A debt is owed, beats waking up to smiling faces
Waking up, out of bed and on the golf course
Numbers on my arm, death manipulated

She's an outsider dealing death with every glance
Her eyes a portal, his first of many to come
Walk her home, be ignorant of his conclusions
Life goes on, time is the delusion

Where is Donnie?

Left with choice to continue to burn down buildings
Someone else's voice and visions of wormlike predestination
Knowing your own death could prevent the rapid decay of
Life and happiness around you

Where is Donnie?
Track Name: Philosophy of Time Travel Pt. 3
Bold neutrino, broken clock race with light
Upset stomach, your vomit cosmic relative to what
Artifact quest, return or risk collapse

Undead through water, he guides your motives and dreams
Take your place there, don't disrupt the motion, the angle of the cut
Forward's easy, though mortal complications arise
Track Name: Deed
Comet quest, I'm watching still
Eyes like soft water
Bored and thrilled

Boiled light, through lens refract
Coping with distortion
Our mind's one track

Calmer forcer holding her tail
Cage covered fight flight
Keeping things apart from the ill
Desolate sane mind
Track Name: Pennywise
Vomit of the shelled creature
Engaging our sense of what we know, what is hear
Pulled farther than Its reach
To the edges of darker things
Dead lights wait eternal and mortal

I don't want to float in my childhood fears (we all float down here)
There's subtle interest in my aging worth (we all float down here)

Voices from the drain
No violence here just children playing
And this light it clings to arms like
A lucid nightmare, a seasoning of sorts
Its guise terribly frightening
But misleading, like my adult skin

You're needless
You're heartless
And you've got heart worms
You've got heart worms

What's done in youth often can't be repeated
Scarred palms ghosting what did we used to bleed
And it all comes back with force
Knocks you to your knees, what are friends for?
What are our lives if we don't remember?
Unkept and barren and wandering the earth

To be called back because of wounded pride
We'll kill it this time for the dead and ignored
Despite our own lives, what's this been for?

You're needless
You're heartless
And you've got heart worms
You've got heart worms X2
Track Name: Kosher Daylight
Mylar suits blocking waves of unknown origin
Ate the core and skin
Dye your hair, identify with cardboard
Poking fun has rules for one

Backseat class catching cud from chauffeurs
Close my grip, felt you slipping
Karma's case upholstered by a shaken railroad spike
Brush your teeth right

You can hate the line
Shelf your caustic local produce
Chiefing sophomore treated trimmings
Code my site
Kosher daylight

Presentation, diarama of a swollen stone
Feigning death on its slopes
Stained red feet, this is molten show-and-tell me twice
Too much catalyst this time

Grin with teeth, show me plaque and buildup
Carve with these, better tools than yours
Wavelength cut peak to peak on your favorite take
This is your noise

You can hate the line
Shelf your caustic local produce
Chiefing sophomore treated trimmings
Code my site
Kosher daylight

You can shade your sunken eyes
You can hide under something clear
And transparent, die
You can pull from abundant outflow of time and energy outside
Kosher daylight
Track Name: Nunu
Enrich my fall from shallow quarters
Hollow shoulders, creeping company
Fragrant musk, chivalrous godforsaken rust
My column holders

Laughter elevating spinal disk
Common entertainment killing still
Sedative persuasion makes me ill
Pummel me with dosage, passing time
Shovel in the nonsense living shrine
Scoff my disposition with the past

Cage, roll, shelving, fascination

I heard they brought dirt into the house, the mongrels
A calloused complaint, they're putting masks together
They're putting masks together with duct tape
Who asked for a wake at this fine affair?
Yeah, but nobody else said it.
Nobody else said anything about it.

You have to have cause, you know?
And speaking of calico
Scratch my hands in broad daylight
Track Name: Queens
Two of us live here
We're half a black from asses
Dishonest leases a handful
Call the police, yeah, they're real cool
Stay public pleaser, I'm addict
Shower me with teeth for a quarter
You look clean to me coffee stains
And it really pains me to say

I wanted more than I could get
I wanted more

Need softer hands for the walkthrough
More freezer space for collectors
Checking freckled specs with an enzyme
Tucked away in a corner with real crime
Tower "tattooed freak" on a billboard
Call it what it is, monster maker
Somewhat silent conscience with a cell phone
And you know it's owed to you

You wanted more than you could get
You wanted more
Track Name: Descendancer
From, from harm cover
Comes, comes form fitting
Chew, chew choice salad
Breathe, breathe for it
Call, call former parents
Confirm, confirm there's money to spend

Is he, is she alright?
Tooth decay tongue-tied
Shower your water with rice
Feeling sort of inside
Soaking thought in baby names
Wonder how its thoughts change
Is she, is he alright?
Is he, is she alright?

Campaigning for an athelete
Hope it has nice teeth
Pick a funny middle name
That'll give it split brain
Comma comes before an ache
Don't expose to magazines
Is she, is he alright?
Is he, is she alright?
Track Name: End
Cut out your dialogue charm
Comfort smile, better than living
Breaking up bits of dense compounds
Shake of loose debris onto tiny homes, tiny homes

Sterilize and gauze
My broken smile's causing fuss
Norm's a wash of set ways
Picture yourself living outside of comfort, outside of comfort

Breathing naked and hair-brained now
Covert calculation of style
I name you by your conscious disease
Filling holes with manmade black hearts, manmade black hearts

Shoving to the front of something that our TV said was worthy
Finding our friends there with teeth bared,
with uncombed hair and you're staring
Hanging, choking on every word
On unchewed fact frustration
What's this vacation, a rest from something real? It was your will

Call me heaven's contorted grinning face
Her earlobe poked and prodded
Chauvinistic preschool lessons stall
to reconfigure what you father calls home
Mother's mansion may I count myself among the branches
Lend me a drink from your neck
Accept the donation of my blanketed hope, of my blanketed hope

Choose weapon here pawn
Relapse once more, it's wild for you
Cause short willing gasps fence
Infect my thoughts end.